Friday, 31 December 2010

Last caching trip of the year!

Burcot Eight

11 caches plus a bonus cache on a 2.8 mile circular walk.

 We were only able to go out caching for the morning so chose this series fairly close to home. 

An enjoyable walk between the villages of Burcot and Blackwell, we found 10 caches in total with 2 DNFs, they'd both had a few DNF logs on them but we still gave them both a good 10 minute search each just in case but to no avail.  It was confirmed later by the CO that the caches had actually gone missing and they have now been replaced so we need to pop back over for them some time.
In the woods
 The bonus cache was a rather novel idea, you have to collect clues from 2 waypoints then add them together to get the combination to access the cache which is hidden actually at the listed co-ordinates.

Dr Seuss tree :-)

An enjoyable walk that took us 2 hours 15 mins to complete, a lot longer than it should've done but we spent a lot of time searching for the DNFs.

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