Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dragon Hunting in Tadmarton

5¾ mile circular walk
12 caches plus 1 extra

A day off work today so decided to head down to Tadmarton near Banbury. Parked up outside the village hall, had a quick coffee and cookie and off we went.  A bitterly cold wind,  some of the paths were quite muddy after all the recent rain as it wasn't cold enough to freeze the ground.

Main Road, Tadmarton
We'd read the previous logs on Dragons Teeth - Special Tree-t  and a few cachers had mentioned cows so we walked very cautiously across the field as we had our dogs with us, we didn't see any cows but a short time later we were in the next field and we looked back and we could see the cows that had been in the same field as us, they had just out of sight, over the hill so we hadn't noticed them Phew!!  We didn't see any other cows for the rest of the walk just friendly ponies.
Is this a dragon's footprint?

An enjoyable walk although there was a fair bit of road walking which was quite hard going with 2 large dogs.

Completed in 2½ hours.

Then on to the Sibford Trail a trail of 5 caches on1.8 mile circular walk around the villages of Sibford Gower and Sibford Ferris.  

Very cute Shetland Pony Between 1 & 2

A very pleasant walk around peaceful villages completed in 1 hour 5 mins.

Sibford Gower

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