Thursday, 18 July 2019

Little Quest complete!

Little Quest Challenge

Whoo hoo! So pleased to finally log a find on this cache 😎 Wow what an amazing adventure it's been. 

The Challenge: We had been caching for only 5 months when we saw the GC forum post by PopUpPirate about this series (those were the days). 

A real rollercoaster of emotions as we went back through our old photos from the last 12 years as we looked for all the details for this final. Back then we cached as a family of 4 and our two Labradors... now it's just the two of us and our 7 mth old Labrador Charlie.

The first one to be published close to home was LQ Worcestershire so we went straight out to find that one, a really neat hide. We found two more that year and just one in 2008 & 2009.

By 2011 we'd found a cache in every UK mainland county so we put the Little Quest challenge on a back-burner to concentrate on other challenges such as completing our Jasmer grid twice and the DT grid several times, amongst other September 2014 there was an active Facebook group which renewed our interest in the series. 

In 2015 we clocked up another 15 LQs. In 2016 we moved house to the North West and managed to bag another 8, 2017 rolled round and we bagged another 4. 

In 2018 we decided that this had been going on for too long and managed to bag another 8 which left 5 more to find. A weekend caching trip to Northampton area during which we somehow ended up in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Greater London! before heading back home to Lancashire. 

With just two left we decided to complete it once and for all. 

So, it’s taken us 4344 days, driven countless miles and had numerous different GPS devices from our first find to finally finding the final.

It's very hard to pick a favourite and it wouldn't be fair to, but ones that stand out in our memories are: Herefordshire (fantastic panoramic view), Worcestershire (great hide), Cornwall (great hide and unique location), Shropshire (beautiful area), Bristol (we saw peregrines), Derbyshire (fab location and view), Merseyside (great location) ... in fact we can think of good things to say about most of them really either for location or just a fun day out.

This cache: We live just a short drive away from Rivington now and this area has become a favourite dog walk for Charlie so once we had the final co-ords we wasted no time in popping out for an evening walk to find it.

We arrived at GZ and recognised the area from previous walks but managed to pin down the exact location by looking at gallery photos.

A shame this challenge has now come to an end........... what next?