Saturday, 11 December 2010

Kildane Again

A free afternoon so decided to head over to the Cotswolds to do the new Kildane series.  The old Kildane Bottom series had to be archived due to a permission issue with the estate manager, that's all sorted now so new caches have now been placed.  It's a lovely area to walk in so it was nice to return and do the walk again.  On our way back to the car we were busy searching for Kildane (9) when we heard footsteps running towards us, as they got closer we realised it was Griff Grof himself the cache owner, he'd run all the way from his house to see us as his mum and sister had driven past and noticed us searching here.  Enjoyed a good chat before going our separate ways.

Then we headed off to do the new earthcache nearby, an interesting location that we didn't realise was a disused quarry, even though we'd stopped there to eat our lunch on more than one occasion on previous caching trips.
We were hoping to do the CFTCH series as a complete walk, it's a 6 mile circular walk of 10 caches but realised when we set off that we would run out of daylight so just did 7 in the series before heading home.

Is that a cacher?

A very enjoyable afternoon in the Cotswolds our favourite place to go caching, can't wait for the nights to draw out again.

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