Saturday, 4 September 2010

Six Countries in One Day

While planning what caches to do during our holiday at Cen
terParcs near Peer in Belgium, we realised that on the final day it might be possible to find caches in five countries in 24 hours.
I was also keen to find GC40 Belgium's
first Geocache but this was quite a way South from where we were staying.

Donna wasn't too keen on making the journey back to Calais longer than it was already going to be but once I suggested going via Luxembourg to take in yet another country she agreed.

So, at about 07:00 on our day of departure, we left CenterParcs and headed EAST for about 20 miles to:

Country #1: Netherlands

#1 - The Netherlands

Next stop Germany

OK, we passed an EarthCache before reaching the border so we just had to stop for that one as well.

Country #2: Germany
This cache is in a wood just off the road which is the Dutch/German border.
#2 - Germany

Stopping on the way to stretch our legs

Country #3 Luxembourg.

#3 - Luxembourg

Time to load a new PQ into the Oregon...

Stopped for lunch

While Donna was taking this photo I checked TomTom to see how long it would take to get to Calais ... 5 Hours!!
I asked Steven and Beth how I was going to break it to Donna.
"Mum! We're five hours from Calias!",shouted Steven.
That's solved that dilemma :-)

Back into Belgium again to make it country #4
GC40 Geocache Set in July 2000 this is our oldest find to date!

#4 - Belgium

Back in the car, select next cache... Gulp! 205 miles!

France next GCFC9D End of the Holiday country #5

#5 - France
It's a cruel name for a cache!

Onto the Channel Tunnel Shuttle back to England..

Back in England and after visiting McDonalds we found
GC23PAJ Nautical Procession for country #6

#6 - England

Mission Complete!

Six countries in one day

We had planned to stay overnight in Folkstone and have a more leisurely drive home the following day but we decided to continue straight home stopping off at GC27YDV Welcome to Warwick! just before midnight to set a new personal 'Maximum distance in a day'

Total distance from CenterParcs to home: 617 miles!

Certainly a memorable day