Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wheaton Ashton

19 caches on a circular walk of 4.8 miles.

Shropshire Union Canal

Making the most of our 2 week holiday from work over Christmas........  Set off on a very foggy Thursday morning for an enjoyable walk around the village of Wheaton Ashton.  It was nice to be back in the area after a previous visit in February to do the Wheaton Ashton Walk.

Muddy underfoot
It's really strange now all the snow has gone, it's much easier to get around but has left everywhere very muddy underfoot.  Found all caches easily (apart from #5 which was very well hidden and took us about 10 mins to find).  No cows to contend with either and only 1 field of horses and they weren't any trouble at all.

We completed the walk in 3 hours.

Whisper on the trail

Before heading home we picked up a few other caches with shorter walks, including a few caches from the SF MISSION series and War of the Worlds.

Another great day caching.

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