Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A smiley in the dark :)

A Smiley in the dark
Plectrum Tree

We needed to fill in our 'dates found' grid for today, Mark had had a DNF earlier in the day so decided to head over to Morton Stanley park in Redditch this evening and kill two birds with one stone - the dogs would have their evening walk and we'd get our smiley (hopefully). There were a few other people walking dogs and jogging by torchlight around the park so we didn't feel out of place, parked in the car park and walked up the path to GZ. A bit concerned about one of the logs mentioning syringes but the CO had checked it out and cleared away any rubbish, all looked ok to us. Found after a short search, then back to the car via a slightly longer route so the dogs could have a run around.

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