Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hunters Walks

Hunters Walks Series 2
A series of 15 caches on a circular walk of 4.5 miles in Fairfield near Bromsgrove.

Had to stay fairly close to home as Mark was on call-out, so thought we'd head over to Bromsgrove to do the Hunters Walk series. Parked at the recreation ground in Fairfield and set off in the snow. A great day to be out caching, frosty and sunny!

Fairfield Recreation Ground

Decided to start at Walk 15 as it was the closest one, then continued the long way around the football field and out onto the road towards Walk 1.

Starting off

It was unclear where the path should go after #4 and some of the previous logs had mentioned taking a short cut due to cattle so we headed around the field and out onto the road to hopefully avoid the field of cows.

Between Walk 4 & Walk 5

Some of the walk takes you through Pepper Wood, a very pretty area cared for by the Woodland Trust. Pepper Wood is a remnant of the historic Forest of Feckenham, dating back to the 13th century. The wood was quite busy with muggle walkers and we also met fellow cachers 'Hyperion Hawks' and 'Stephen and Alex'.
Pepper Wood

The rain had frozen and the lanes were like ice rinks

All in all a fab walk completed in 2hrs 48mins with a good range of hides and sizes.

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