Sunday, 4 June 2017


We started TAL in February and as the days were still quite short we selected the TALFUR section which can easily be split into a big loop and a smaller loop, so we did one loop on the Saturday and the remaining loop on the Sunday, staying overnight nearby in our camper-van.  We really enjoyed this section, in fact we enjoyed it a lot more than we thought we would, all the caches were proper size caches and in fantastic countryside, we were completely addicted and couldn't wait to head out again to complete another loop.

The series is set by 'P R E D A T O R S', not 100% sure who is behind setting up this series, we have our suspicions, though.

The next time we could get out to the Macclesfield area was 11th March and we chose the TALGOY section this time.  The series took you through a fabulous walk in the GOYT valley, once again, great caches and fabulous countryside.

Two weeks later we completed the TALWIN section.  This started in the village of Wincle.  The weather was fabulous that day, we walked 18 miles and finished in the dark.  Highly recommend this section and probably our favourite due to the weather on the day, the location and the length of walk.

The following weekend we were itching to get out to do another loop and chose the TALKET section this time.  A 13 mile walk which started out a bit wet but soon cleared up and was a fab walk.

It was to be 6 weeks before we could get out again to the area and tackle another section.  We went to Italy and also had the Kent Mega.  This time TALTEG.  This section was one of our favourites.  It started near Ridgegate Reservoir and took us over Tegg's Nose and then Shutlingsloe towards the end of the walk.

The following weekend we decided we'd make a concerted effort and complete the remaining 2 sections - TALBOL on the Saturday was 17 miles and TALLAM on the Sunday was 13 miles.  Both excellent walks.  After walking 30 hilly miles over the two days we were quite tired but were really keen to try and find the final, once we plotted where it was we decided we'd return another day to find it as we didn't have enough time.

Detoured to White Nancy

Another 2 weeks before we could return to find it but it was worth the wait. Can't say too much about it but I will say it's in a fabulous location and lucky for us the weather was fabulous.  A fitting end to an epic adventure.