Saturday, 1 January 2011

First Caching Trip of 2011

Monki, MrDelta68, Monty's Luck, Unowho67 & Blue Nora
We arranged to meet up at 10am with [Monki], Unowho67, Blue Nora & Monty's Luck to do the Madmajor's Major Meander a circular walk of 6.5 miles and 23 caches plus a bonus starting at the town of Burbage.

Left the dogs at home today as we'd read previous logs about many stiles, glad we did as there certainly were a lot of them but we don't think they were all dog proof ones. Bumped into roger-rabbit twice as he was going in the opposite direction and we caught up with Shank's Pony at #12 and continued the series with them. Really enjoyed the walk  in great company, a really enjoyable series with a variety of hides and good hints, just how we like it.  A fabulous start to the caching year!

Completed the series in  3½ hours.

On our way home we stopped off with [Monki] to do this one, Pinocchio's Predicament.  Read the log for full story!

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