Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Lickeys in the Snow

The Lickeys in the Snow
A spur of the moment decision to head over to the Lickeys today. We wanted to do the new Sculptured Wherigo and thought we'd also find the next Blindmouse puzzle that we'd solved. It's very time consuming, solving them then finding the time to drive over to find them and pick up the next lot of information. We'll get there in the end. We're having great fun doing them and we appreciate the time that must've gone into setting them all up.

Whisper & Poppy looking for Charles Edghill

Really enjoyed doing Sculptured, a lovely walk around the Lickeys that was like a winter wonderland today with all the snow everywhere, hardly anyone around and it took us to some areas that we don't remember having been to before.

We completed it on both the Oregon and the Mio, all the zones were found easily although on the Oregon it was more difficult to see which way to go because until you were less than 500ft it only shows as miles to 1 decimal place whereas the Mio shows to 2 decimals places, this is of course an oddity of the player and not an error with this particular cache.

We found the final cache easily and were really pleased to see a FTF prize, it was DaftHead's Ted which we immediately named 'Daft Ted', we have been given strict instructions to give this bear lots of cuddles and a good home - no problem :D
Daft Ted needs lots of cuddles!

We completed it in about 1½ hours and by the time we finished it was snowing quite heavily so glad to get back to the car for a cuppa.

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