Friday, 10 December 2010

Fladbury & Pershore

Cabbages between #3 and #4
Fladbury Ponders

A series of 12 caches on a 4.8 mile circular walk.

A day off work today so decided to head over to Fladbury to do this series. Set off at 9.10am, a lot milder today than it has been lately, a balmy 7°C, although still not warm enough to melt some of the thick frozen pools and puddles.
Whisper walking on water at #7

Between #11 and #12 there was a car parked up, on closer inspection it looked abandoned then we realised how narrow the path was that it must've travelled along to get there hence the broken wing mirrors!

Odd place to park a car!

Porters Puffers

A section of the walk between #2 and #12 takes you past Porters Puffers which is a cache we did back in April 2007, we'd only been caching for a month so it was the first of its kind that we'd found, we've found many similar ones since but this one still remains our favourite.

Crossing the railway line at Porters Puffers
We'd just found and replaced #2 when we saw a familiar, friendly, face it was 'L' from L8HNB, enjoyed a chat before heading back to the car.

Really enjoyed our walk today completed in 2 hours and 40 mins.

Headed off to nearby Pershore next.

Parked up at the Avon Meadows car park for our lunch where we'd parked previously for the final of a long multi!  The area has been transformed to create a community wetland site beside the River Avon.

An enjoyable stroll around the wetlands to find Prunella's River Walk and  Jester's Troll.

Poppy & Whisper on the frozen wetlands
Quay Lane

A pleasant stroll down the lane to find this one, a very tranquil spot.

Quay Lane
Heading home now and decided to pick up The River Isbourne (Bridging the Gap) we'd done the others in that series back in June.

Last of the day at Evesham Lock House, we had a DNF here back in June.  It's now been replaced so we returned for an easy find.    I've used the photo that I took back in June because when we visited today there was a van parked right in front.

The house was built in 1972 by The Lower Avon Navigation Trust for the residential lock keeper. It was made famous by the Rosie and Jim television series as the lock house was used as their TV home.  In the Easter flood of 1998 the house was flooded and repaired by the Trust and then flooded again in 2007, in 2008 the house was condemned as it was uninsurable and due to be demolished but since then there have been various meetings with the town council and Lower Avon Navigation Trust and it is hoped that funding can be provided to preserve this iconic building.

Evesham Lock House

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