Sunday, 2 January 2011

An Afternoon in Allesley

Thomas the Tank Engine Series

12 caches plus 2 additional caches
Circular walk of 5.3 miles

On the way to Skarloey

Taxi duties to see to first this morning so a bit of a late start for us.  Set off at 11:30, starting at Thomas the Tank Engine 8 - Gordon.  All the caches were easy to find and spaced far enough apart so you can get a good stride up between them, just the thing for working off the Christmas excesses!

Thomas ;)
On our return to the car I checked my emails and noticed a new cache had been published a short walk from where we'd parked, it was Thomas the Tank Engine 9 - Edward a replacement cache for the one that had gone missing.  We weren't expecting to be first as the cache had been published a couple of hours before.  Mark went off by himself for this one as Poppy and Whisper were worn out so I stayed behind at the car.  On arrival at GZ Mark met Fanboy17 who had just that second replaced the cache!

We'd remembered to pick up the bonus details so once we'd worked out where it was off we went.  It was a short drive away to a rather busy location, so we had to wait for our moment to retrieve the cache.  An enjoyable series that reminded me of when our son very young and was mad about anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine. We completed the walk in 3 hours and 10 mins.

An Afternoon Around Allesley at EveryTrail

Allesley Park

An hour to spare before having to resume our taxi duties so we headed off to Allesley Park to find Rupert and Friends.  An enjoyable walk around the park, it was very busy with dog walkers and families out for late afternoon stroll despite the freezing cold weather.  I think we looked a little out of place with walking gear, muddy boots and gaiters in an uban park, oh well.  Time to head off now and back home for a well earned Sausage Hotpot ....Yum!

Multi Trunked Tree

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