Saturday, 15 January 2011

An afternoon around Worcester

We had a late start today as we had to drop our daughter and her friends off in Stratford before we could head over to Worcester.

We'd virtually cleared the Worcester area once but it's gradually filling up again and with addition of the new ones this week we decided we'd make a return trip to the area.

Swollen River Teme

Tott series

6 caches on a 2.8 mile walk - 1 hour 26 minutes

Parked up at 11.45 and headed off to do Tott 6 - Kissing Gate.  These new caches were published 4 days ago and surprisingly when we left the house were still unfound, as it's now Saturday lunchtime we'd have been very surprised if they were still unfound, Shropshire Seekers and Andycpuk had been out this morning and signed the logs books by the time we got to them.  Found #5 then back-tracked to the road and crossed over to do #7, #8, #9 & #10 then back to the car. Most of the caches were well hidden and took a minute or so to locate.

4 caches on a 2.59 mile walk - 1 hour 24 minutes

Then we repositioned the car to do the next 4 in the series, picking up a cache and dash, On Yer Bike, on the way:  Parked up in the car park at Powick Mill and met cachers Organised Chaos, they spotted our GPS and stopped for a chat.  It's always great to meet cachers out on the trail.

Oh dear, we won't be going that way :)

The path was quite flooded here along the river so we had to find an alternative route to get to #4, we were soon back on track and completed the rest of the series.  We realised that we were following RJ Cachers and caught up with them at #1, enjoyed a quick chat before going our separate ways, nice to meet you all.  Then back to the car

Just time to do a series of caches along the River Severn before heading home.

Swans on the River Severn

5 caches + 1 DNF (out of a possible 7)

2.34 miles - 55 minutes

Starting at Weir Meet Again.  These caches are placed along a cycle track along the River Severn, we love caching by bike it's a pity we didn't have our bikes with us today, would've made a lovely cycle ride

We met RJCachers again here who were also doing some of the caches.

Our only DNF of the day was at Boats, net but no fish, the local youth had started to gather on the benches as the light was fading fast then just as we started to search a muggle appeared on a bike out of nowhere and asked us if we'd lost something, we told him we hadn't and he continued to cross-question us about what we were doing near the fence, so we made our excuses and left, not sure if he'd noticed other strange goings on there or what but not sure we'll be back for that one in a hurry.  Picked up Dass ist gut nein on our way back to the car, liked the name of this one.

Back to the car and that's the end of our caching trip for the day, a great afternoon caching.


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