Saturday, 22 January 2011

Caching North of Market Harborough


Chiburde Round
26 + 1 caches on a 6.5 mile circular walk then a short drive to a bonus cache

These new caches came up just at the right time, just as we were planning our Saturday caching trip on Thursday.  Dropped our son off at work about 8.00am and arrived at the parking at 9.30am, stopping off to do Misterton Motorway Bonus on the way.

Parked in Kibworth at the suggested parking and found our way along the alley way between the houses then past the mound of Kibworth Harcourt Castle. When we reached the fork of the path we were unsure which route to take at first but luckily the cache listings were very detailed so whenever there was any confusion we referred to the listings for information.

An enjoyable walk, all easy to find caches with good hints which we completed in 3 hours 35 minutes.

We'd remembered to collect all the bonus information from the caches then it was just a short drive to the bonus.

Chiburde Round

We still had a few hours before we needed to be back in Stratford so had a quick look on Memory Map for suitable caches and a series in the village of Thorpe Langton looked perfect.


8 caches on a 3.35 mile circular walk

Parked outside the Bakers Arms pub and off we went.  The wind had really got up and the temperature had dropped but luckily the sun was still shining which helped but it really was bitterly cold.

The first leg of the walk was along a green lane and seemed popular with a handful of motocross riders, once we'd got past them the walk was more pleasant.  The hedge was being relaid so we feared that one of the caches may have been compromised, as we approached Langton Caudle Ivy Hide we could see all the ivy had been cut away from the tree and the cache was lying in the ditch so we rehid as best we could at the base of the tree.

All in all a very pleasant series of caches in pleasant countryside although the last stretch across the field was very muddy but it's what is to be expected this time of year after all the recent snow and rain.

Then back to the car, completing the walk in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Thorpe Langton

Running out of time now, not to  mention daylight so managed to pick up a few drive-bys including Sausages.... ... as we parked up I read the cache listing and said to Mark that I didn't think it would be possible as we didn't have any ropes with us, he was soon out of the car and reccying the area, I went back to the car for a coffee and the next thing I knew Mark rang me to say he'd got the cache!  I leapt out the car to see him waving the cache container at me.  Wondering how on earth he'd managed to retrieve it and more to the point HOW WAS HE GOING TO REPLACE IT!?!!?  I can only say that at this point I couldn't look, I was terrified he would fall, it looked ridiculously perilous, didn't dare take any photos during the insane feat..... anyway he managed it, I don't know how but he did.  Crazy!


Cache in hand!

View from the top

Great spot
After all that excitement we'd worked up an appetite so off to McDs in Market Harborough for some caching grub, opting for the drive-thru due to extremely muddy boots.
Once again a fab day out, love Saturdays, there should be more of them in the week :D

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