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Granville Country Park

Granville Country Park

6 mile walk
22 caches

We completed the first half of this series back in July 2009 then the second half was released in the August and we've been meaning to come back ever since, today was the day.

Parked in the car park for Granville Country Park and headed up the hill to do Pirates Treasure: Granville 2. A bitterly cold morning and we had to keep moving to try and stay warm.  We spent quite a bit of time exploring the old canal basin and old blast furnaces near Pirates Treasure: Granville 3, a really interesting location, hard to believe that once upon a time this was a hive of industrial activity.

All that remains of the blast furnaces
The canal basin was once connected to the Donnington Wood Canal, one of the earliest canals to be built in England.
The old canal basin

On the way back to the car we met 'the griswalds n dogs' they'd spotted our GPSr so we stopped for a chat, it's always great to meet other cachers, would've stopped and chatted for a lot longer but we were frozen through and looking forward to a hot drink back at the car.

Early on in the walk Mark noticed he'd lost his glove, not expecting to see it again but I thought I'd keep my eye out for it on the way back to the car, amazingly we found it, it was next to the 6th cache we'd done near the old canal basin.

We really enjoyed our walk, it was completely dog friendly, no stiles or cows to contend with and all of the caches were fairly easy to find.  If we had to make one criticism it would be that after #28, even though the caches were all numbered, there didn't seem to be any logical order and the route was not at all clear but all in all a great walk which we completed in 4 hours.

Granville Country Park

Wrockwardine Wood
14 caches
2.6 miles

How Nozi are you?

The second walk of the day was a short drive from Granville Country Park at Wrockwardine Wood around an area called The Cockshutt to do a series called How Nozi are you? The Cockshutt Caperz

A very enjoyable walk around an area we'd never been before, lovely woodland, all easy to find caches and once again completely dog friendly with no stiles or cows. 
Completed the walk in 2 hours.

Wrockwardine Wood

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