Friday, 21 January 2011

A short walk around Bouts

2 mile walk - 3 caches + 1 cache and dash

Hazel Catkins

A couple of hours to spare this afternoon so decided to take Poppy and Whisper for a walk around Bouts, a hamlet not far from the village of Inkberrow in Worcestershire and only a 5 mile drive from home - also we needed to fill in the grid on our 'Finds by Found' date grid today.

We cached and dashed Bouts ltd as there was nowhere to park nearby and parked further along the lane, had a quick look for Bouts carts but it was right at the entrance to a private house, we could hear voices nearby and not knowing if the householder was aware of the cache or not we decided to have a look on the way back, luckily a quick find on our return to the car.  Then onto Bouts Border, an enjoyable walk across the field which looked like they could be quite muddy if it weren't for the frozen ground.  Headed back retracing our steps then along the lane and across the road passing the riding stables where our daughter learnt to ride and which incidentally at the time was home to the second oldest horse in the country.  Then along the footpath to Young Growth.

Really enjoyed our walk in the afternoon sunshine, there are still quite a few caches to do in the area so we'll be back soon to do the rest, probably on a Friday afternoon :D

An enjoyable walk in the afternoon sunshine.

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