Sunday, 16 January 2011

Isbourne Ring

Isbourne Ring

A series of 6 caches on a 4 mile walk
starting at Sedgeberrow, a village 3 miles south of Evesham, Worcestershire 

Sedgeberrow was badly affected by the summer floods of 2007 when the River Isbourne burst its banks.  90 properties were flooded and many people had to be evacuated from their homes.  There is little evidence left of the devastation the water caused and the village appears to be back to normal.

River Isbourne
This series has been on our to-do list since they were published in September.  This morning we had to drop our son off in Stratford quite early and have other commitments this afternoon so decided this series looked perfect.

Parked in Sedgeberrow near the Queen's Head pub and set off at 8.40.  A windy start to the walk but at least it wasn't raining and it was quite mild too which makes a nice change, not having to wear too many layers.

About 1 mile into the walk Mark realised he'd left his work phone back at the car so had to run back for it, I carried on with the dogs and Beth and we waited for him to catch us up at #3.

The route was quite muddy underfoot as some of the paths take you across ploughed fields which in the warmer months .... if you can remember what that's like ;) ..... should dry out nicely.  All caches were, well hidden but easy to find and very well stocked as with all Wrighty caches.

A really good walk that we completed in 2 hours 13 minutes.

Isbourne Ring

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