Friday, 14 January 2011

Netherton Ponders

Netherton Ponders series

12 caches on a 4.2 mile circular walk.

Green Lane

This new series was published during the week, perfect for a Friday afternoon dog walk.  Parked in the layby and headed off to #1.  The sun came out not long after we set off and very soon we realised we were overdressed with the sudden rise in the temperature this week, it took us completely by surprise.  Between  #3 & #4 we recognised the bridge from when we did Bridge the Gap (SD2) back in July 2009, Poppy and Whisper had a lovely splash around in the stream here.    Great views of Bredon Hill.  Had to backtrack to #6 as a muggle dog walker stood right by it to take a phone call.... of all the places!!!

We'd contacted Jayvon, the cache owners, last night and asked them if they'd like us to replace the cache on #8 that had been accidentally pushed out of reach by a previous cacher so we went armed with a replacement and tried to re-hide as best we could, hopefully it will stay in place for the next finders.

Once again we were left thinking 'if it wasn't for geocaching we'd never have known about this' and it was at #11 the site of a Bombing Decoy (codenamed Q Site).  They were constructed during World War 2 to simulate the landing lights of an active operational airfield, in this case the nearby Pershore Airfield, this was to deceive the Luftwaffe into dropping bombs in open countryside rather than on the airfield.  A really interesting location.

All too soon the walk was over and we were back at the car, The paths were very wet underfoot, muddy but nothing too serious and generally very good, no dog proof stiles to report on the whole route and only 2 actual stiles that we can remember.  A fabulous walk that we completed in exactly 2 hours.

Netherton Ponders

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