Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Postman's Walk

The Postman's Walk

Inquisitive Alpacas

Just as we set off our caching friends Sumadartson drove past, they were just about to start the walk so we waited for them to catch us up. The first field had alpacas and cows in, we were a little concerned to start with as we had Poppy & Whisper with us but luckily they didn't take much notice of us and stayed away. A bit of a chilly start but we soon warmed up once we got going.

We were lucky enough to meet Flo, the Gnome-ad's dog, she was really friendly and we noticed she was also trackable!

Whisper & Poppy make friends with Flo

A very enjoyable series in great company - 8 caches and a bonus over approximately 3 miles.

with Sumadartson at the final

On our way home we made a slight detour to the lovely little village of Pebworth to do Where's the water tower ,a straightforward little multi at the church.

That was all we had time for today, now home to a nice warm house and a cuppa :D

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