Thursday, 25 November 2010

FTF in Bishopton

Bishopton Church
Bishopton Church

A very interesting little cache, just the sort of thing that grabs our interest, we had no idea there used to be a chapel in Bishopton.

We were hoping to go out to this one last night as we really hoping to see 'the lady in white' but just as we picked up the caching bag Mark's work phone rang and by the time it was all dealt with I'd already walked the dogs and settled down in front of the TV for the night so that was that. This morning I had to go to Tesco so on the way thought I'd have a go by myself.

Parked in a nearby road and walked to where I thought the chapel used to be - all the times I've driven this way and I'd never noticed this lane! Found the required information and headed back to the car to work out the final co-ords as my fingers were frozen. No problem working it all out so off I went in search of the cache, got to GZ and realised I'd left the hint info in the car, back to the car a second time...... worked it all out but couldn't get the hint to make any sense so went back to GZ for another look, rang Mark for moral support and he came up with a few suggestions like 'Don't come back until you've found it!!' ;) ..... so looked again but not confident with the hint so returned to the car (yes a third time) ..... this was getting ridiculous, just about to call it a day when I decided to check all the figures again and recheck the hint, yes I'd made a mistake decrypting the hint NOW IT MAKES SENSE!! So off to GZ and straight in for a nice little FTF.

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