Saturday, 27 November 2010

An Arboreal Adventure and 5 FTFs

We had planned to go to an event in the Brecon Beacons today, a 9 mile walk around Pen Y Fan, alarms set for 4am and we were ready to leave the house by 5am but then it started to snow and was covering the road outside quite quickly, we set off, our local roads were quite slippery but we thought once we got out to the main A46 dual carriageway the roads would be gritted, wrongo, the roads were treacherous and hadn't been gritted and just seemed to be getting worse the further we travelled so after about 6 miles we decided to turn around and head back home *sigh*
Too snowy!-
Decided to stay a bit closer to home and head out Stourbridge way instead where some new caches had been published last night. Stopped off in Churchill village to do a quick cache and dash at the village pound, we've seen a few of these since we started caching, interesting little spot.

Impounded tree...
Churchill Pound

The Arboreal Adventure series consists of four Multis and a bonus cache. Although the bonus is listed as a Puzzle/Mystery, it is infact a Multi because co-ords for all the required waypoints are listed on the cache page itself and there is no need to actually find the four other caches if you don't have a head for heights!
At first it looked a bit complicated as to which order to do the caches but it soon came together.

One of the way points had us stumped for while so after a prolonged search we contacted the CO who reassured us that no climbing was required for the stages.
Sunny now!

Apart from number 3, all the final locations were easily located. This one took a bit of detective work looking for signs of branches having been stood on as the cache was situated a lot higher up than expected

View from Number 3!

Nice array of fungi at number 2

Whisper wasn't at all sure about the gravity defying antics

The bonus cache was hidden in a totally different type of location but still required some climbing. ;-)

All in all an enjoyable set of caches in a lovely woodland setting.

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