Friday, 12 November 2010

The Lickeys and Leasowes

We both had the day off today so decided to head over to the Lickeys and make a start on the Blindmouse puzzles. Solved BD Eye easily enough but misunderstood what 'BD Eye's Training Course' was all about. It's all beginning to make sense now and we'll be returning before long to continue with the rest of the puzzles.

Then decided to head over to Leasowes Park in Halesowen for the afternoon, picking up Sheer Drop on the way, this cache very nicely fills in the 2*/5* Difficulty/Terrain combination on our stats grid.

Parked up in Leasowes Park and recognised it from a couple of previous caching trips to the area.

Set off and walked alongside the disused canal and noticed a narrow gauge railway line that we hadn't noticed before, wonder when it was last used.

We passed the location of a cache we'd done back in 2007, Creeky Von Creekington which was archived quite some time ago.

On our way back to the car we passed through a small field with 2 Exmoor ponies in.

Fab walk around the park, taking in 9 caches with only 1 DNF.

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