Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cole Challenge

Cole Challenge

A 15 cache series along the paths by the River Cole.

After having a lot of fun caching by bike on our family holiday in Belgium this year we agreed that when we got home we'd try and do more caching by bike so we set off this morning with our bikes on the back of the car to do this series.

Parked up near Argos and off we went.

Caches 1 to 12 the path was very good and suitable for any bike, caches 12 to 15 you really need a bike with good tyres as the path was muddy and uneven.

It's a shame it's so windy today, in the next few days all the lovely autumn colour will be blown from the trees.

Enjoying our bike ride so much we decided to continue on along the River Cole and take in the Riverside Ramble caches.

On our way back to the car we stopped off and had another look for a cache we'd DNFd on the way and hey presto we found it! Then it was back to the start of the trail and back to the car. All together we cycled just under 13 miles - watch this space for our next geo-cycling challenge :D

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