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Woolley Mammoth Series

Is this the woolley mammoth?

The Woolley Mammoth Series by Marcusmaximi

Length of walk - 11 miles (this included a short detour to a trigpoint and a couple of other caches)
No. of caches - 60

The walk starts at Woolley, a small village in Cambridgeshire, although we decided to park outside the pub in Spaldwick and start at #20 with the intention of popping in for a quick drink afterwards, and then goes out to the villages of Easton and Ellington.

Thick fog

We'd been trying to plan a weekend in the area for a few weeks then when this series was published we looked for a Travelodge cheap deal and found one at Thrapston.  Last weekend the forecast was for rain all weekend and by Tuesday the weather was looking good for today so we went ahead and booked the room and our plans were started.  Rather annoyingly yesterday the forecast was now saying rain for the whole weekend - we checked all the usual weather apps and sites and there was no mistake, yet more rain was on its way *sigh*, undeterred we packed our overnight bags and thought we'd go for it anyway.

Cache a bit wet

We set our alarms for 5am and left the house at 6am in thick fog and the temp gauge showing -1°C.  We made good progress and arrived in Spaldwick at a little after 7.30am.  Just as we parked up we spotted a familiar face in the car next to us, it was Poshrule - he was waiting for a load of other cachers so after a quick chat and getting togged up we decided to press on with the walk as we had hoped to do another walk afterwards.

On the way round we bumped into Monki, Blue Nora and Unowho67, they were doing the series in reverse, we enjoyed a nice before going our separate ways.  Oh yes.... we also spotted some cute alpacas

We'd spotted there was a trigpoint near #54 and that a previous cacher had successfully found it so we decided to make a short detour around the edge of the field and nip across to bag it.

When we approached #5 we could see someone searching at the bridge, it was daboiwunda, we only gave it a brief search as we knew that other cachers had already given it a long search and as it was now spotting with rain we decided to press on.  Within 15 mins the heavens had opened and out came the waterproof gloves/rucksack cover/phone cover etc.

Making use of my birthday prezzie
We arrived back in Spaldwick at 13:10 - we completed the walk in 5½ hours.

Really enjoyed the walk, all the caches were easy to find, with precise hints and mostly good sized containers.  There were no cow fields and only a few stiles.
What is it?
Our son & daughter could do with one of these each on their doors
A bit of Googling when we got home suggested that it's a device to monitor wind speed in order to see if a location is viable for a wind turbine

We decided against popping into the pub as we were soaked and muddy, instead we headed off to Maccys for coffee and to decide what we were going to do for the rest of the day.  We finished off with a few drive-bys and revisited a church micro that we guessed might have been replaced during the day and then after a bit of umming and ahhing decided to head home.

Had a great day in the area despite the bad weather and we'll be back soon to complete some more great walks. 

Woolley Mammoth Series

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