Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Day in Woodnewton


Length of Walk - 8 + 5 miles
No. of Caches - 2 x 33
Walk starts from - Woodnewton, Northamptonshire

Church of St Mary, Woodnewton

The plan for this Saturday come rain or shine was to head up to Northamptonshire again to do the caches around Woodnewton - we seem to spend a lot of time in this neck of the woods at the moment - loads of great walks to be had.
Beautiful Pyracantha

Arrived in Woodnewton for 8.30am the, temperature had just dropped below freezing on the way but the sun had just come up and looks like we're in for a good day.
Abandoned Guards Van

Woodnewton is a very charming village and we later learnt that its main claim to fame is that Nikolai Polakvos, Coco The Clown, retired here in 1973 and died there shortly afterwards and is buried in the graveyard of St Mary's Church.

We decided we'd complete both walks without going back to the car, this looked ideal as we prefer, if possible, to do all the walking without having to reposition the car as it's hard to get yourself going again once you've lost the momentum.  This worked out perfectly as we completed the walk in 6½ hours before going on to do a short multi.
Deserted farmhouse

All caches were easy to find with good hints, only a couple of DNFs but it's possible these may have been washed away in the recent floods.  Quite a lot of the walk was very muddy underfoot but this is to be expected this time of year and especially with all the recent rain and flooding in the area.

There was only 1 field of cows and they weren't any trouble at all although Mark did have to do his usual 'commanding them off the path' before I agreed to continue through the field (see below)
Ah that did the trick

A fab walk that we'd highly recommend - in fact we'd recommend any IzaakWilson or Poshrule caches.

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