Thursday, 22 November 2012

Challenge Cache Mission

46 English Counties Challenge Cache

Mark spotted this Challenge when it was first published but didn't know if we'd fulfilled the requirements because we'd never used mygeocachingprofile stats and the GSAK FindStatGen uses a different county list.  Anyway, we signed up for mygeocachingprofile, uploaded the MyFinds PQ and waited with baited breath....  Would City of Bristol be coloured in?  YES! Luckily, we'd had to go to Bristol last June in order to buy a rather specialised violin for Pegz and we just had to find a couple of caches while there - so thanks for that Pegz ...

Here's the proof:

UK and Ireland County Map

UK and Ireland County List

FTF on the 46 Counties Challenge Cache
So without further ado we decided to plan a visit to this cache, the earliest we could get over to Nottingham was on our planned day off today as it's a 70 mile drive.  When we arrived at GZ we wondered as it had been published for 10 days whether anyone might have pipped us to it but luckily I found a nice clean log sheet.

The Stilton Cheese Pub, Somersby

The traffic was really bad with yesterday's floods so the journey took us much longer than anticipated, we'd planned a figure of 8 walk by The Bonhams in Somersby near Melton Mowbray but only had time for half of it, it was really muddy underfoot and hard going in the high winds but a very enjoyable walk all with easy to find caches.

On the way home we stopped off for a short walk to a YOSM at a trigpoint at Burrough Hill Country Park at an iron age hill fort.  It was really windy up there but interesting place and some great views.  A great way to round off the day.

Somerby Circuit

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