Saturday, 6 October 2012


'Rod Stewart' Series by Marrow Bone

Caches - 20
Length of Walk - 6 miles

We had time constraints today so chose this series not too far from home.  The walk starts in the pretty little village of Lighthorne which is about 6 miles south of Leamington Spa.

The village phone box was bought from BT by the Parish Council as it had only been used twice in 3 years!  The phone box is now used as a very useful little wildlife information kiosk with lots of info packed inside about bird and bat watching, it's really interesting finding these rejuvenated decommissioned phone boxes.

There was a deluge of rain overnight so the walk was quite wet underfoot.  Some of the fields had been recently ploughed so we chose to walk around the edge, probably adding a good half a mile or so onto the walk but we were keen to preserve our new boots.  It was not possible to go around the edge of one of the fields so we took the direct route across so this bit was quite muddy.

All of the caches were quite well hidden and some of them very tricky to spot.  Really enjoyed the walk on a lovely sunny day which we completed in about 3 hours.  Sadly that was all we had time for today, hope to be back again very soon to complete some more caches in the area.

Rod Stewart Series

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