Friday, 28 September 2012

Two Days Down South

Our plan for this weekend was to head down South on Friday morning, stopping off just South of Marlborough in Wiltshire to do the Cocktail series and then continuing on to Cranborne in East Dorset, where we'd booked accommodation at the Sheaf of Arrows pub to enable us to make an early start on the Saturday morning to do the Cranborne Chase Series.

We've both had the cold bug that's doing the rounds and as we'd had Friday booked off work for quite some time we were hoping we'd both be well enough to still go for our weekend away.  Friday morning still feeling under the weather but determined to make the most of our planned visit we decided to go for it anyway.

We stopped off in Pewsey to do the Church Micro 2164 - Pewsey, St John the Baptist there which was a short but very pleasant walk around the village then it was on to Milton Lilbourne to do the series of caches all named after cocktails. 

Cocktail Series

Village of Milton Lilbourne

31 caches set on a 6 mile figure of 8 walk

The walk takes you on a gentle walk from the small village of Milton Lilbourne out to the even smaller village of Easton Royal and back again. 

Village of Easton Royal

We parked in the village of Milton Lilbourne to start this series at #17 for no other reason really than it was the first suitable parking we came to of the series.  A great walk all on good footpaths and most important of all no angry bulls to contend with or cows for that matter.

Wide Footpath

We met some other cachers on the way, Hawkeyelacock, Bloodsock and Stanthews - we already knew Stan from meeting him at some of his events in Devizes.  We enjoyed doing a few caches with them before going our separate ways - they'd started at #1 and had just completed the walk and were heading to the pub and we were only just getting started so as much as we'd loved to have stopped at the pub we decided to continue on with the walk.
Great views!
A thoroughly enjoyable walk.  All the caches were fairly straightforward to find with good hints.  

Cocktails series

We'd worked up an appetite by then so decided to head off to Salisbury to the Harvester for Steak and Chips, we'd highly recommend it there, nice atmosphere and good quality food, very popular place but luckily we arrived just in time to grab a table for two, after that they were adding names to a waiting list.

After that we continued on our journey south to our accommodation, we'd booked to stay at the Sheaf of Arrows, a family run pub in the village of Cranborne.

Cranborne Chase Circular

Sheaf of Arrows, Cranborne

Cranborne Chase Circular is a series of 94 caches set on a 15 mile walk starting from Cranborne in East Dorset.  The series has been set by a group of four cachers.

Look at that blue sky!!

After a very hearty full English breakfast at the Sheaf of Arrows we set off on the walk signing the first log at about 8.40am.  The sun was already shining and it looked like it was going to be a great caching day.

Even a trigpoint!
All the way round we were following another cacher but unfortunately we didn't catch them up.

Good Mooo-ning :)

The walk was fairly easy going, only a couple of hilly bits to contend with and luckily all the paths that went through cow fields were nicely fenced off, apart from just one which wasn't a problem, we didn't have our dogs with us so they weren't interested in us at all.

'Up yew go'

One of the caches involved a tree climb, luckily I had the hint and read it out - 'Up Yew Go' - so that was decided, Mark climbed the tree
Not far to go now

We completed the walk in a little under 8 hours then it was back to the car to boil the kettle for a well deserved cuppa and a slice of cake - we know how to live it up when we're out caching

A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant couple of days away, can't wait for our next trip!

Cranborne Chase Circular

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