Sunday, 14 October 2012

International Earthcache Day 2012

International Earthcache Day 2012

Woke up to the cars frosted over this morning but once again the forecast was good so we decided we'd celebrate International Earthcache Day by finding an EarthCache.  Our closest to home was at Dovers Hill in the Cotswolds, just a short drive away from home.

This is the 6th annual International EarthCache Day and there are now more than 23,000 EarthCaches around the globe and a staggering 3,300,000 people have logged those caches to date.  You can find out more about EarthCaches by going to



As the walk was going to be only a couple of miles we decided to take Poppy and Whisper with us, they can't manage the longer walks any more and sadly Poppy has now gone deaf and can no longer hear us when we call her back so she has to stay on the lead.  It was great to take them with us and they really enjoyed the walk as did we.  A really enjoyable walk this morning in a beautiful area.


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