Saturday, 20 October 2012

Brigstock and others

Horny Beast!

Brigstock and Back and others

I’d spotted this cluster of caches near Corby in Northamptonshire during the week and told Mark that that’s where we were going to go today .

Mark had cobbled together a route starting at GC3Y16T #15 Brigstock and Back continuing round to #34, taking a detour for the 'Causin to the Wind' and 'Benefield Gallivant' loops before finishing 'Brigstock and Back'. Well, that was the plan anyway.

The walk started at a storming rate averaging 3.1 mph with all great hints making easy finds – just how we like it. Our plan spluttered to a halt at #34 though when we happened upon a group of people out shooting. When asked, we told them which way we wanted to go and they 'advised' us to take an alternative route.  If it had just been a case of walking in our planned direction we would have stood our ground but it would have been very tricky to stop and look for caches en route.  Anyway, we decided we would complete the Brigstock and Back series and then park elsewhere for another walk as there are quite a few to choose from in the area.

When we reached the B-road we spotted a couple of cars we recognised - Stag Ramblers and Bates Brigade. They are relatively local cachers to us and it’s amazing how often we bump into them when we are miles from home! We caught up with them at #3 and accompanied them until #6 when we decided to press on ahead as we needed to be back home in time to take Beth and her friend to the O2 Academy in Birmingham this evening.

A really great series which we made to be 6.6 miles and took us just over 2 hours 45 minutes.

After having our lunch we repositioned the car in Bulwick to tackle the Blatherwycke and Back series. Despite parking right next to #1, we went to #25 next and clockwise. Why? This would give us the option of a detour to the ‘Bulwick and Back’ loop after #8 with only a few to do afterwards - (if this makes sense). In the end we didn’t take the detour as we didn't have enough time (apart from the trigpoint ) and got back to the car by 15:00 and we were back home by 16:30 - Wheesh!

Another great series which was a little under 5 miles and we completed in 2 hours 35 minutes.  

Another fab day out, great caches, lovely scenery and amazing weather for October!

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