Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wychbold and Droitwich

Wychbold Wander

19 caches on a 5.3 mile circular walk

The children have gone back to school today after the Easter break, a real shame as it's our daughter's 15th birthday today and she'd have loved a nice walk ...... she never misses a chance to tell people how we made her walk 12 miles on her 12th birthday , if she'd been off school then we'd have arranged a nice little 15 mile walk....... Anyway just the two of us today to do this fairly close to home walk in an area we know very well but we've only walked on some of these paths before.

We parked on the verge next to Wychbold Wander - The Finishing Post and had intended on doing the series in reverse order but our searching was interrupted by some guys from the Wildlife Trust informing us that we needed a permit to walk in the nature reserve, it was difficult to explain that we weren't actually going for a walk in the reserve but just mooching around for tupperware so we decided to cross the road and continue on to Wychbold Wander - Start, nice easy find to start us off and then we were on our way.

We really enjoyed our walk which we completed in 3 hours, this included stopping for a picnic at the railway bridge and taking a wrong turning at Wychbold Wander - Bridge 41, not sure what happened but we weren't paying attention and didn't read the instructions properly once we were on the right road it was obvious where to go.

Wychbold Wander

Then it was off to Droitwich to do a couple of caches, one of them was Droitwich - St Peter  we pulled into the car park and were immediately blocked in, the small car park was complete grid lock, we've never seen anything like it, the car park is right next to a primary school but not actually owned by the school.  Realising we were going to be stuck for a while we left the car and headed off to the cache.  On our return to the car park we spoke to a dog walker, she was furious as there was no way out of the car park for her, she said she'd already been stuck for over 20 mins, luckily our car was closer to the exit so we didn't have to wait too long but it should be a warning to anyone attempting this one around school times.

On our way home we stopped off at Gateway Park a lovely little spot by the recently restored Droitwich canal. then it was off home after a fab day out in beautiful sunshine.

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