Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Sunny Day Caching in Bozeat

Not a cloud in the sky

Beast of Bozeat Series

12 caches on a 2.3 mile circular walk

Spotted this new series come up last weekend just south of Wellingborough, intrigued by the 'Beast' so decided to return to the area today as there were still lots of caches we hadn't yet found.

The forecast was for sun today so we even packed the sun cream into the caching bag!  Parked at the suggested parking to start this walk.  The caches were all well hidden and at the start quite tricky to spot but once we realised what we were looking for they got much easier.  Quite a bit of work has gone into setting up the caches for this series. There were no dog proof stiles on the route and no cows to contend with, all in all a very pleasant walk on good paths which we completed in 1 hour 25 mins.

Then it was back to the car for a quick bite to eat.  When we returned to the car park there were two familiar cars, TAG's and Stag Ramblers' , we did have a quick chat with Stag Ramblers on the phone but unfortunately we didn't meet any other cachers today.

Beast of Bozeat

Bozeat Baker's Dozen

13 caches on a 4 mile circular walk

After lunch we set off on the second series of the day, it had really warmed up now so no fleeces needed, after such a long winter it's lovely to get a few days of sunshine.  A thoroughly enjoyable walk in very pleasant countryside, once again no dog proof stiles and no cows!  Walks are so much more relaxing when there are no bovine beasts to contend with.  There was even a pond half way round for Poppy & Whisper to cool off in.
Cooling off in the pond

All the caches were once again well hidden but not too difficult to find.

We passed a very handy little Spar shop near the end of the walk so popped in to get ice lollies.

Ice lollies!

Completed the walk in a little under 2½ hours.

Bozeat Bakers Dozen

Then it was time to head home after a really fab day, picking up a few drive-bys on the way, ticking off another 4 'Just Northamptonshire' caches and stopping off at McDs for a cacher's tea.  There are still loads more caches in the area so we'll be back very soon.

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