Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

Decided to make the most of the sunny weather this weekend and get out caching again.  A new series had come up in Beoley during the week so thought we'd do that in the morning then complete the Special-Ops series in the afternoon.  Just the two of us caching today, Beth was taking part in a D of E walk and Steven was at home revising hard for upcoming exams, no Poppy and Whisper either, they had a long walk yesterday so we'd given them a day off today .

Unlucky for Some by The Webbies

13 caches on a 4¼ mile circular walk set in the countryside around Beoley and Holt End.  The series has been set to celebrate Master Webbie becoming a teenager.

We decided to start the walk near #9 as Mark had already been out and got FTF on #8, #12 and #13 on Wednesday night.  It's lovely to be out caching in just shirts and not worry about layers, waterproofs and gloves, the weather really was perfect for caching.

There weren't any cows when we did the walk but did note in a previous log that there were cows between #5 and #6, they must've been in a different field this morning.

All caches were easy to find with good hints.  All in all a very pleasant walk which we completed in 2 hours.

Unlucky for Some/a>

Then it was off to complete the Special-Ops series by the Mwahppets.  We'd completed Delta during the week and enjoyed it so  much we vowed to be back very soon to complete the rest of the series.  Took lots of great photos of our mission but unfortunately we can't use any as it would spoil the fun for everyone else but safe to say we had a fabulous time doing the series, a great deal of thought and effort has gone into setting this series which we really appreciate.

Is this the rogue agent?

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