Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Caching Around Redditch

.......... and still the great sunny weather continues! Had to stay closer to home this weekend due to work commitments so decided to clear up some of the local unfound caches.

Lover's Walk

7 caches on a 1.75 mile circular walk

A very pleasant walk that takes you around the perimeter of Bordesley Meadows.  It was nice to walk around the meadows again, we used to come here regularly when our children were very young and we lived not all that far away in Webheath.  All the caches were easy to find apart from Spooky Tree, we found the spooky tree and the wasps nest but no sign of the cache, reading the logs on our return home it sounded like it should've been an easy find but one of the logs did mention that the cache was 'pushed well in' so we'll return another day after it's been found.

You can also visit Forge Mill Museum and Bordesley Abbey Visitor Centre, it's definitely worth a look, I remember taking the children there a few years ago and it was really interesting.  The needle museum tells the story of needle making in Victorian times.  There is an entrance fee into the museum but if you're a resident of Redditch then you can get in for free on Wednesdays.

We completed the walk in 1 hour and 25 mins.

Bordesley Meadows, Redditch

Then it was off to another area of Redditch to complete some more of the Brockhill Circuit caches before heading home.

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