Sunday, 24 April 2011

Another trip to the Northampton area

After dropping our son off at work this morning we headed up to the Northampton area to do the Little Cachers Trail, Big Cachers Trail and FD's Trail.  The forecast was for yet another hot sunny day so we were really looking forward to the walks.

Cedar of Lebanon

The Little Cachers Trail and Big Cachers Trail could be joined together and done as one walk so that was what we did.

Little Cachers Trail

Big Cachers Trail

18 caches on a 4.8 mile circular walk

A very enjoyable walk in lovely countryside, only 1 dog proof stile and plenty of streams for our dogs to have a drink and cool off in.

There was 1 field of cows to walk through but we stuck right to the edge and the whole way round I was performing mental trigonometry to ensure at all times there was an escape route even if that meant jumping into a bramble bush and over a barbed wire fence .  Also a field of horses that were no problem at all, just a little inquisitive.

All in all a fab walk that we completed in 3 hours, then back to the car for our butties

East of Northampton Again

FD's Trail

15 plus 2 extra caches on a 4.3 mile circular walk

FD's Trail follows the footpaths and byways in the Nene Valley near to Earls Barton. The trail runs parallel to the River Nene incorporating some lakes that were formed from previous sand and gravel extraction and also incorporates an old green lane.

Some of the caches were easy to find but others had no hints or very cryptic hints and took a lot longer to find which was hard going in the heat of the day.  Also the stretch of the walk that took you along a green lane was strewn with fly-tipping, in fact it was some of the worst we've seen on a cache series, what a pity it's been allowed to get in such a poor state and has become one big dumping ground.  Once off this track the walk was quite pleasant.  We met cachers Stucuk and TT at Danger Overhead and Below, enjoyed a chat in the shade of the trees then continued on for the rest of the series together.

There were no dog proof stiles on the walk, plenty of places for dogs to cool off and have a drink, only one field of cows at the end and they weren't any trouble at all.

Completed the walk in 3 hours then it was back to the car and off to McDonalds YAY!!!!

FD's Trail

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