Saturday, 26 February 2011

Our 6000th and a new county!

We wanted to do something a little bit different for our 6000th and thought this one in a tunnel would fit the bill.  We had our eye on a few other caches in the area so decided to pick those up en route.
Dumbledore's Retreat
Dumbledore's Retreat - because it was set in January 2002 and that now completes that year for our 'Finds by Placed Month' grid.
2002 Complete!
Then we continued onto 'Help! Peter's in the Rushes' as we like to pick up old virtuals and this was also our first one in Nottinghamshire, we've no idea why it's taken so long to get one in this county as we past through many times before.  An interesting location at an abandoned cemetry on the site of a former church, St Peter in the Rushes.

300+ year old gravestones in remarkably good condition

We then carried on to Schr√∂dinger’s Ghostly wormhole paradox picking up a few other drive-bys en route.  Having spent most of the morning in the rain, predictably it stopped raining and the sun came out just as we headed into the tunnel!  We had read the cache description and a few of the previous logs and it suggested letting someone know where you were going so we rang home leaving a message where we were starting from for our son just in case we didn't make it out again by the time he got in from work .  No problems finding the cache and the tunnel was nice and dry underfoot, a stark contrast to some of the tunnels we've been caching in previously.  The croaking toad was a nice idea, we heard it but couldn't see it anywhere.  Spent a bit of time exploring before heading back out the tunnel and back to the car.  All in all it took us an hour to complete, then a quick phone call to home to say we'd made it out in one piece.  We really enjoy exploring old railway tunnels and this was great fun, although we don't know if we're just getting used to doing them but this was considerably easier than others we've done in the past.

Yay our 6000th

Whisper & Poppy in the tunnel

Having spent a fair bit of time in the car today we decided it was time to stretch our legs, spotted a circular walk nearby which looked ideal.

St Peter's Church, Kirby Bellars

Wreake Valley
8 + 1 caches in 3.8 miles

A pleasant dog friendly walk although the recent rain had made the mud very slippy underfoot.  After #3 we continued along the track to find The Old Canal by Ed, looks like a disused canal but on further research on our return home it seems it may have been a channel to divert the river water to the mill but has long since fallen into disuse.  A very interesting location and history,

Disused Mill Race, Frisby on the Wreake

Disused Mill Race

Then off to McDonalds for a cachers' tea

Wreake Valley

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