Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Caching Trip NW Walsall

Willow Catkins
Sadies Walk Series and Cassie's Bell Series
27 Caches - 5 miles

The forecast was rain for today but as we'd already booked the day off work we decided to go caching anyway. We headed off just North West of Walsall to do a couple of series in Rough Wood Country Park a nature reserve situated between Willenhall and Walsall.  We set off in our waterproofs and soon forgot about the rain.  We decided to leave our dogs at home today, Poppy our black Labrador will be 12 this year and is finding she needs more rest after some of our longer walks so today it was just the two of us.

All the caches were fairly easy to find, just challenging enough to keep things interesting with variety of hides and sizes with decent hints, some were quite cryptic but not impossible.  The only downside was the amount of litter in the nature reserve, it was a real shame to see this and it's a pity something hasn't been done to clean it up, maybe a CITO event could be organised for the future 

An enjoyable walk despite the rain which we completed in 3½ hours.

Rough Wood Country Park

Coven Circular
9 caches plus a bonus - 1.85 miles

After lunch we just had time to drive to Coven Heath to do a short series before heading back down the M6 and home.

Still pouring with rain but undeterred we set off.  The walk started off on a bridleway and then the return leg of the walk was along the Staffs and Worcs Canal.  All the caches were very easy to find with spot on co-ordinates and good hints although we were completely eluded by #8, the co-ords took us to a hedge with lots of hiding places and prickly brambles, we seached high and low and the previous logs all stated it took a long time to find so we decided to give it 15 mins and then had to leave it.  I've noticed this morning that someone was able to find it today after a half hour search - think maybe either the diff rating needs increasing from 1½, not that this will make it easier to find or the clue improving.  Anyway, all in all it was a lovely little walk which we completed in 1 hour.

Then it was home for tea

Coven Circular Trail at EveryTrail

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