Thursday, 3 February 2011

A couple of caches in Shottery

We'd just finished our evening meal and were about to take Poppy and Whisper for their walk when the 'cache alarm' went off alerting us to a new cache in Shottery so as we were still needing a FTF for February we decided to dash out in the hope of being first.  On the way I'd read that it was 'A somewhat unusual cache', it was listed as size 'other' and that the co-ords might not be accurate due to tree cover... hmm ok we'll give it a go.  .Arrived at the parking and headed down the path in the dark.  Looked in all the obvious places then resorted to a systematic search, we looked for a good 5 mins then, I had to nip back to the car, when I got back I met Mark and JimJinks coming back up the path, just after JimJinks had arrived Mark had spotted the well hidden cache.  Then we headed off for a longer dog walk down to Where there's a Will There's a Hathaway which was a fairly easy find in the dark, having dogs with you is great cover when doing a spot of night caching.

Great to get our caching fix part way through the week, can't wait for the lighter evenings!

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

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