Friday, 4 March 2011

Ascent to Clent

Smiley Goat

Ascent to Clent

23 + 2 caches
7 mile circular walk

A day off work today so decided to do the new Ascent to Clent series that was published recently just South of Halesowen. A bit of a chilly, dull start to the day but the forecast was for sunshine later and we weren't disappointed, the sun was shining by lunchtime.  First off we picked up Think of a Number which we'd solved last night as it was nearby.

An enjoyable walk around the edge of Walton Hill and Uffmoor Wood, very muddy in places as is to be expected this time of year but it wasn't a problem and it all adds to the fun and luckily our dogs love it   The cache listing stated that some of the stiles weren't dog friendly but we didn't find any of them to be a problem and our dogs really don't do stiles, luckily they were able to get under them or around them easily.  All of the caches were well hidden but most of them easy to find.

We completed the walk in 4 hours then headed home taking in a few drive-bys along the way including Frankley My Dear which wins the award for most bizarre location, if you've done it you'll know what we mean but we're not giving anything away here.

Ascent to Clent

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