Friday, 18 February 2011

A Stroll Around Barford

We had to go to Stratford this afternoon and as we needed to fill in the 'days found' grid for today the nearest unfound caches were in Barford, a pretty little village not far from Warwick.

We last visited Barford to do the now archived Llamas Lair (GCVRF8) cache back in 2007 before the bypass had opened.  For many years the A429 through Barford carried heavy traffic over the Grade II listed bridge which was constructed in the 1700s.  The bypass was welcomed by the villagers to ease traffic congestion and also to protect the bridge from damage.

A Bridge Too Bar(ford)

Barford Bridge

Whisper having a great time
Enjoyed this cache, Poppy and Whisper enjoyed a splash around in the water while we found the well hidden cache.  We were just saying to each other that it was nice to be able to search out of view of the nearby houses when we heard movement behind us and a workman appeared at the gate, luckily as we had our dogs with us he probably just thought we'd taken them down there for a dip in the river .

From the Church to the Wasp

St Peters Church, Barford
A pleasant walk through Barford to this one, there were lots of children and dog walkers around as it was end of school time, luckily we blended in fairly well as we were also walking our dogs.  Then back to the car and home for tea.

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