Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Delta68's Caching Year in Review - 2013


WWFM X - Jó estét - May

Wheesh, this brings us to the end of yet another action packed year of caching.  I don't know where the time has gone but we've got some brilliant memories and have fitted a lot in this year.

Here's a very quick summary of achievements for this year and a few pics:

New furthest cache found: Nyúzó Gáspár Fazekas Tájház

New most northerly: Cachopol #23/24 - Kungsträdgårdsgatan/Hamngatan

New most easterly: M30 12km West

Readymoney Cove, Cornwall - May
'Rare' caches found in 2013:  134 Wherigos, 12 Webcams, 36 Virtuals

Webcam cache with other nutters in Stockholm

New cache type: Maze exhibit

4 new countries (Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and Czech Republic)

Kippers in the Jungle - From September 2000- GC6A
3 new 'Jasmer' squares: March 2001, August 2000, September 2000

Our 'city' hire bikes at Match Stash - GC4D

New Maximum distance in a day: 968 Miles

New cache types in one day: 12

So there it is, can't wait for our next adventure.........

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