Sunday, 8 December 2013

Another sunny autumn weekend ...... hope it lasts!

Hairy humbug


As the forecast was for dry, sunny weather today we decided to head out to the Stamford area, we'd spotted a couple of IzaacWilson series that would be perfect to combine and do part by bike and part on foot.  We parked up near O.M.V.7. just outside Barnack to start the day.  We were much later starting this morning at 10.30 than our usual unearthly hour starts but hoped we'd still have time to complete the caches we had planned berfore heading home.

Enjoyed a really pleasant ride on our bikes.  The route was fairly flat and took us through the very pretty village of Barnack.  After 5.2 miles we left our bikes and continued on foot for 4.5 miles until we arrived back at the car. The route on foot was really easy going, no cows or ploughed fields and it was very well marked.

Interesting bus collection

The route took us 4 hours to complete and has to be one of the most enjoyable ones we've done for quite some time.


We have been looking forward to doing the CBA series just outside Worcester since it was published last month, today was the perfect day.

We hadn't read any of the previous logs so we didn't realise that the hides were mostly tricky ones.  If we'd done our homework properly we'd have realised this and would've set off much earlier in the day, as it happens we set off at midday and started at quite a leisurely pace, estimating that we'd be finished within 3 hours.  Hmm ..... best laid plans and all that

The first few finds were straightforward enough and we even stopped at the Church Micro and ate our lunch in the churchyard before continuing on.  At #11 we realised we should've allowed a lot more time as the hides were getting trickier. 

Although we are pleased to say that sheer determination paid off at some of them and we found all the caches without resorting to PAFing for any of them (although came very close to it at #15).  A lot of the hides were quite novel and very well crafted, one in particular was the first we'd seen in all of our 15,000+ finds. 

We made the walk to be 5.3 miles  and it took us 4 hours to complete.

A lot of hard work has gone into setting up this series which we really appreciate.  We throroughly enjoyed the challenge of finding them all.

Arrived home just in time to see this a beautiful sunset

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