Saturday, 12 January 2013

To the Flat Hills of Adventure

For Christmas I bought Mark some fridge magnet caching words from ukcachemag (yup last of the big spenders ) and every few days some new sentences appear on the fridge by different members of the family, our daughter was responsible for this one which we thought sounded just like our Peterborough trips as there are no scary hills in the area but lots of lovely long walks and adventures to be had.

S²E² Series by MarcusMaximi

No. of caches: 91 + extras
Length of walk: 15 miles

Beautiful sky at 07:00

This series was published last weekend and we'd made a start on it with a few FTFs as were in the area but ran out of time so a plan was hatched immediately to return today to complete the series. Decided to make the most of the daylight and set our alarms for stupid O'clock, stopping off at Maccys in Rothwell for coffee on the way. We arrived in Spaldwick at 06:30 and set off on the walk 10 mins later. The first hour of the walk was in darkness which was great fun as it's normally the end of the walks that finish with head-torches, lots of wildlife to see at this hour of the morning too.

Flooded field
After watching the forecast for the last couple of days we were expecting a hard frost today but unfortunately the temperatures stayed just above freezing so the ground wasn't hard underfoot - we were expecting some serious mud but in actual fact it wasn't too bad, lots of sections were very wet but the mud wasn't at all sticky.  All the caches were easy to find with precise hints where needed.  When we'd got just beyond half way we met another cacher wolfy450, enjoyed a brief geochat before going our separate ways.

Really enjoyed the walk which we completed in 7 hours and 10 minutes.

Then we finished off the day with a few drive-bys - including a couple of Poshrule caches that we'd previously had DNFs on - so we've now completed both Buckworth Blitz and Winwick Wander.

Cottages in Easton
We'd started the day in the dark and ended in the dark so rounded off the day very nicely with a trip to Maccys at Rothwell (again) on the way home - all in all another fab day out caching.

S²E² Series

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