Sunday, 6 January 2013


London and Northamptonshire

Yesterday we visited the Warner Bros. Studio to see where the Harry Potter movies were made over the last 10 years, we hadn't intended to spend any time caching but we did earmark a virtual to do on the way and another couple of cache and dashes that were close to the studios before heading home.

Lyveden and Back

No. of caches -  36 caches (plus 6 others en-route)
Length of walk - 7.5 miles

This morning we decided to make an early start and head over to Northamptonshire to do the Lyveden and Back series.  We haven't been on many walks recently with work commitments/Christmas and I was worried we might be getting a little unfit.  This one looked like a great walk.

Lyveden New Bield

The walk started off near Lyveden New Bield, an unfinished Elizabethan lodge constructed by Sir Thomas Tresham.  Lyveden New Bield was never completed or used. It remains exactly as it was when the builders left following Sir Thomas Tresham's death in 1605.  You will notice that the lodge is built symmetrically, the design apparently following that of a Greek cross.

I love it when caching takes us somewhere like this, really enjoyed reading up when we got home about the place and learning about the connections with the gunpowder plot which in turn is connected to the Throckmorton family at Coughton Court, which is just down the road from us!

Some of the route is a little muddy underfoot

The walk is mainly on good paths/bridleways although quite muddy underfoot at the moment.  All the caches are well hidden but easy to find with useful hints.

We completed with the walk in a about 4 hours, this included stopping for our lunch half way around and hanging around for 10 mins waiting for muggles to disappear.

A really great walk which we'd highly recommend - and thinking about it this is probably our favourite Izaak Wilson walk so far!

Not long after we'd set off on our walk this morning my phone started beeping uncontrollably with notifications coming through for new caches about 20 miles away near Spaldwick - The S²E² series - Once back at the car we were trying to decide whether we had time for another walk or not - instead we decided to try and bag our FTF for the month and head over to Spaldwick - we half expected a keen local cacher to have been straight out but we were lucky and managed to pick up 4 FTFs - we could've gone on for more but as the walk is a good 14 miles we decided to leave the rest of the series for another day rather than leave a gap - that's now 55 consecutive months with an FTF!

Lyveden & Back

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