Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hobditch Hunt

Poppy and Whisper

Caches - 40
Walk Distance - 9.5 miles (We split the walk into 3 shorter walks)

Hobditch Hunt is a series of 40 caches set on the country lanes and footpaths around the village of Ullenhall in Warwickshire.

Across the Track

24th February - As the series is fairly close to home we decided to split it into 3 walks.  The day they were published we'd just dropped our daughter off at a sleepover and had a free evening ahead so we decided to head out for a spot of night caching.  We parked in a small lay-by near to HH30 and followed the circuit around to HH40 then across the field to HH29 and back to the car, making a walk of 2½ miles.  We managed 9 FTFs before bumping into Big Batch who was doing the series in a different order, enjoyed a brief chat before going our separate ways.  Haven't done much night caching lately so it was really good fun.  Can't comment on the suitability for dogs on this circuit as we didn't have them with us but as far as we can remember there were no dog proof stiles.  All the caches were very nicely crafted and thought out, with a good variety of sizes from nano to Regular - our favourite being HH35 - Chicken Run.

Completed the second circuit on the afternoon of 2nd March.  Parked up on the verge and started at HH01 and followed the circuit around to HH13.  All the caches were straightforward with useful hints and good hides.  Our favourite of this circuit has to be HH05 as it's the first of this type we've found.  A short section of the walk involves a return trip along a private driveway, when we returned the owner of the property was sweeping the driveway and as we went to acknowledge him he turned away - the path has probably never had so many visitors   The walk was very enjoyable and once again nicely thought out caches but unfortunately this circuit wasn't at all dog friendly with many dog proof stiles to negotiate and we spent quite a bit of time finding gaps in fences etc for Poppy and Whisper to get through.  When we got to the dog-proof fence and stile on the way to #11 we decided to go our separate ways, Mark continued alone to #11 and I took the longer route down the lanes with the dogs as we knew there'd be more dog proof stiles on the way back.  

Please lift me over :-)
Fast-forward to Sunday 4th March and we had a couple of hours free in the afternoon and just time to complete the final circuit.

Whisper waiting for a bikkie :-)

We parked on the verge and walked down the lane to start at HH15.  This circuit was probably our favourite of the series, it was completely dog friendly - apart from just one dog-proof stile at HH17 but the dogs were able to get under the barbed wire fence further along so no problem really.

We set off fully goretexed but the rain stopped not long after we set off and we enjoyed a lovely walk in the afternoon sunshine but the wind was still bitterly cold reminding us that it's not spring yet.

Then that was the series complete, we've really enjoyed doing them and appreciate the time and effort that must've gone into setting them.

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