Thursday, 15 March 2012

Night Caching

A few days ago there was a discussion on Facebook about which of your own caches has had the most finds and how long has it been active.  AirEd posted that his Terror in Trittiford cache hadn't had many visits in the 12 months since it had been set.  It was a cache that we weren't aware of so posted that we'd try and pop along to do it this evening, we were contacted by caching friends Dadu13 and a meet was arranged.

Terrified in Trittiford!

We met up at the parking and off we went with our head torches.  The younger members of the group enjoyed finding the hidden reflectors, we were spooked by eyes that lit up in the torchlight but luckily it was just a muggle walking her alsatian and before long we were at GZ and Mrs Dadu soon had her hands on the cache which was covered in slugs. The children of the group weren't ready to go home yet and asked if we could go and find some more so as the night was still young we decided to head over to Copt Heath to find the new caches around the golf course.

As it happened we were able to make a circular walk of 2½ miles out of it and took in a couple of other caches in Knowle before finding our way back to the car.

Great fun and a great way to spend a Thursday evening.

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  1. glad you enjoyed my series of caches around wychwood avenue and copt heath