Sunday, 11 March 2012

Caching in Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire

Cars from the 60s Series

Caches - 16
Length of Walk - 4.6 miles

Can we stay here instead?

As the forecast was for a lovely sunny day we decided to make the most of it and do some more Marrow Bone caches.  We are always really pleased when we see some more of these great caches published as the area is only just over ½ hours drive from home so ideal for Sunday caching trips or days when we need to stay closer to home.  Our daughter completely surprised us this morning by asking if she could come along with us!!!!  She's in training for the Annual Explorer Scouts Dove Trek so is keen to get a few more walks in beforehand as she is determined their team will win this year.

Nope it's not down there ;)

The series is set around the theme of cars from the 60s era.  The walk starts in Bishops Itchington, a village 6½ miles South East of Leamington Spa.  The route takes you along footpaths, across fields and along quiet lanes to Knightcote then back again.  As we approached Austin A35 we could see caching friends Poshrule and Roger Rabbit, enjoyed a chat before going our separate ways as they were going the other way round and were almost at the end of their walk.  At the end of the walk we realised that we too perhaps should have gone anti-clockwise as the route wasn't particularly well marked through the farm at Humber Sceptre and we had to take a short detour across private land to rejoin a footpath but apart from this there was no problem with the route.

All the caches were well thought out with a nice variety of hides and sizes with good views on the way round.

We completed the walk in 2 hours 20 minutes.

Then it was on to the second series of the day.

Bird of Prey Series

St Michael's Church, Stockton

Caches - 17 + 1 Extra
Length of Walk - 4.2 Miles

A circular walk starting from Southam in Warwickshire, the route takes you out as far as the village of Stockton.  All caches are named after Birds of Prey

T shirt weather!

Took us a little while to find somewhere to leave the car, in the end we parked in St Wulstan Way then made the short walk to Hobby.  Before setting off we dug deep into the bottom of the caching bag and applied some sun cream, we could feel the backs of our necks burning after walking in the sun in the morning, it's amazing how intense the sun has been today.

All the caches were straightforward to find and the walk was very pleasant.  One thing we noticed was how quickly the nettles are starting to grow now the milder weather is here, lots of signs of spring with tadpoles, daffodils and lambs.

A cluster of mini-trigpoints

We completed the walk in 2 hours 10 mins then all too soon it was time to head home.  When we were heading home down the M40 I yelled out  'THERE'S POSHRULE AND ROGER RABBIT' and our daughter commented how crazy that would sound if there'd been any non-cachers in our car - they were at Norton Manx a cache we'd found a few weeks ago.

What a brilliant weekend of caching we've had

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