Saturday, 10 March 2012

Caching in Leicestershire

Parish Ramble

Caches - 30
Length of Walk - 6.5 miles

St Peter's Church, Arnesby
We were looking at walk ideas for the weekend and spotted this series on our to-do list, looked perfect for the time that we had available today.

The walk starts in the village of Arnesby which is about 10 miles south of Leicester.  We parked up near the church in Arnesby and set off at 09:25, we set a target to complete it by 13:00 at the latest as we had another shorter series lined up for the afternoon and needed to get back home fairly early  for taxi duties

The walk takes you through the nearby pretty villages of Shearsby, Bruntingthorpe and Peatling Magna in the Leicestershire countryside.  

St Mary Magdalene Church, Shearsby

En route we stopped to find the cache at the church of St Mary Magdalene.  We approached it a little apprehensively as GZ appeared to be in the churchyard and the church is in an elevated position above the houses so we felt a little conspicuous, a quick check of the listing and it explained that the villagers are aware that the cache exists.  The oldest grave in the churchyard dates back to 1601!

Just as we got to the phone box in Bruntingthorpe my mobile phone rang so Mark nipped in to find the cache, leaving me outside chatting on my phone, the people tending the garden of the nearby house looked over and must've thought it a bit of an odd thing to do, with Mark standing in an empty phone box and me on a mobile phone standing outside - oh well

Ornate stile

The walk is very pleasant and the route is well marked.  A lot of thought has gone into setting this series, with some nicely crafted caches.  All caches were straightforward to find with useful hints where needed.

Completed the walk in 3 hours and 10 minutes so well within our target.   Then it was back to the car for hot soup and rolls - yummy!

Then it was off to Cosby for our second walk of the day.

Pirates Plunder

Caches - 9 caches
Length of walk - 2¼ miles


Anything piratey appeals to us so we were keen to do this series once we'd spotted it

The walk takes you along a stretch of the disused Great Central Railway which was closed in May 1969 near the village of Cosby in Leicestershire.

It must be here somewhere :-)

All the caches were fairly straightforward to find and were all pirate themed.

Really enjoyed the walk in an interesting location which took us an hour to complete.

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