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Delta68's Caching Year in Review – 2016

Delta68's Caching Year in Review – 2016

This brings us to the end of yet another action packed year of caching.

It’s been a year of change for us, starting with uncertainty over Mark’s job and then we made the decision to relocate to Lancashire finally moving house at the end of March. This move put us within easy reach of The Lake District so we decided to start ‘ticking off’ the Wainwright Fells. We have been following a set of suggested routes which are designed to minimise the amount of going over the same ground twice. Although we still find caches while walking in the fells, the emphasis is very much on the walk rather than finding caches.

Coniston Old Man

In April we finally held our first CITO event.

In June we celebrated 25 years of marriage by flying to Hamburg and doing a brilliant 9 day road trip in North West Germany, we filled in a few more of the German states and also attended a Giga event.

Another major addition to the caching kit was a VW T5 Campervan! This is just awesome.

Although it doesn't have a shower, it does have a toilet and after buying it we had a night-heater and additional leisure battery fitted so we can happily (and comfortably) go away for a few nights at a time 'off grid' and we have stopped overnight at some amazing locations!

View from the camper van!

This year's miscellaneous stats/achievements

Four new countries:




New furthest East: Terrorism GCKQAJ Estonia
New Furthest North: Sun Gear GC72  Finland

As well as a Leap Day Event, we hosted events in Lithuania, Latvia and  Finland
September 2001 cache - Anglesey, Holyhead Mountain

We also decided to make a concerted effort on finding old UK historic caches and this year we found seven more UK caches set in 2001

Having logged the Electric Mountain webcam in North Wales in August, there are now no more active webcams in the UK for us to log.

As usual, a summary of 'rare' cache types logged by us in 2016:
  • 59 Wherigos
  • 8 Webcams
  • 60 Virtuals
  • 68 Lab Caches
  • 3 CITO events
  • 4 Mega Events
  • 1 Giga Event
  • 1 ‘Maze’ Exhibit

A Happy New Year to everyone!

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